NPC Combat Changes :
The aim of these changes is to make the pirate factions differ more in current behavior; the aim is not pure boosting, some factions might get reduced instead to balance it out. They will also be getting new effects as explained in the dev blog, however not all NPCs will be getting these effects, in some cases only a few NPCs will be getting them and in most cases their damage output will be reduced somewhat to compensate. This is an overview of the things we are aiming for to give the factions more flavor:

Angel Cartel
  • Have faster base speed than other factions
  • Have better MWD (along with Serpentis) than other factions
  • Use Target Painting
  • Use remote shield boosting / armor repairing

  • Blood Raiders
  • Are more focused on lasers than Sansha
  • Focus on Cap Draining
  • Use Tracking Disruption
  • Use remote armor repairing

  • Guristas
  • Use Target Jamming
  • Are more rail focused ships
  • Use remote shield boosting

  • Serpentis
  • Have better MWD (along with Angel Cartel) than other factions
  • Are more defender focused than other factions
  • Focus on Sensor Dampening
  • Use remote armor repairing

  • Sansha’s Nation
  • Have more missile firing + faction missile launchers as loot drop
  • Are reduced in laser focus
  • Focus on Tracking Disruption
  • Use remote armor repairing

  • Rogue Drones
  • Do most of the new aggressive effects
  • Don’t use remote repairing/boosting

  • Cap Drain the NPC
    Various modules have not been able to affect NPCs in the past ; we have slowly been able to fix these issues (target jam for example).
    In B.C.P. you will be able to reduce tanking efficiency of NPCs by draining their capacitor.

    Immunity for Special NPCs
    On the topic of Cap Drain, Target Jam etc., super NPCs like Complex Bosses, Commanders and CONCORD etc. will be made immune to many of these effects. They will be acting similar to Dreadnoughts when they go into siege mode. More info will be posted later that will list which effects they will be made immune to.

    NPC Faction Naming
    First is a list of the factional naming, the normal NPCs have the basic faction name, then grow to elite and get a faction name change, and finally grow to rare spawn commanders and get another faction name change. The elite and rare versions are modified versions of the base NPC and therefore keep the “lastname” of the NPC.

    For example : Angel Impaler is the highest normal Frigate NPC, the elite version of it will be an Assault ship type called Arch Angel Impaler, the rare (commander) type of that NPC will be called Domination Impaler. Here’s a more detailed list of how the factional name changes will be :

    Normal – Elite (T2) – Rare (Commander)

    Angel Cartel
    Angel – Arch Angel – Domination

    Blood Raiders
    Blood – Elder Blood – Dark Blood

    Guristas – Dire Guristas – Dread Guristas

    Sansha’s Nation
    Sansha’s – Sansha’s Loyal – True Sansha’s

    Serpentis – Guardian – Shadow Serpentis

    Rogue Drones
    Misc – Strain – N/A

    Angel Cartel

    FrigateRank1 : Angel Hijacker
    FrigateRank2 : Angel Rogue
    FrigateRank3 : Angel Outlaw
    FrigateRank4 : Angel Thug
    FrigateRank5 : Angel Ruffian
    FrigateRank6 : Angel Nomad
    FrigateRank7 : Angel Ambusher
    FrigateRank8 : Angel Raider
    FrigateRank9 : Angel Hunter
    FrigateRank10 : Angel Impaler
    DestroyerRank1 : Angel Shatterer
    DestroyerRank2 : Angel Defacer
    DestroyerRank3 : Angel Haunter
    DestroyerRank4 : Angel Defiler
    DestroyerRank5 : Angel Seizer
    DestroyerRank6 : Angel Trasher
    EliteFrigateRank1 : Arch Angel Hijacker (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank2 : Arch Angel Rogue (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank3 : Arch Angel Outlaw (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank4 : Arch Angel Thug (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank5 : Arch Angel Ruffian (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank6 : Arch Angel Nomad (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank7 : Arch Angel Ambusher (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank8 : Arch Angel Raider (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank9 : Arch Angel Hunter (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank10 : Arch Angel Impaler (Assault)
    CruiserRank1 : Angel Breaker
    CruiserRank2 : Angel Defeater
    CruiserRank3 : Angel Smasher
    CruiserRank4 : Angel Crusher
    CruiserRank5 : Angel Depredator
    CruiserRank6 : Angel Predator
    CruiserRank7 : Angel Marauder
    CruiserRank8 : Angel Liquidator
    CruiserRank9 : Angel Phalanx
    CruiserRank10 : Angel Centurion
    BattleCruiserRank1 : Angel Legionnaire
    BattleCruiserRank2 : Angel Primus
    BattleCruiserRank3 : Angel Tribuni
    BattleCruiserRank4 : Angel Praefectus
    BattleCruiserRank5 : Angel Tribunus
    BattleCruiserRank6 : Angel Legatus
    EliteCruiserRank1 : Arch Angel Depredator (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank2 : Arch Angel Predator (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank3 : Arch Angel Marauder (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank4 : Arch Angel Liquidator (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank5 : Arch Angel Phalanx (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank6 : Arch Angel Centurion (Assault)
    BattleshipRank1 : Angel Commander
    BattleshipRank2 : Angel General
    BattleshipRank3 : Angel War General
    BattleshipRank4 : Angel Warlord
    BattleshipRank5 : Angel Saint
    BattleshipRank6 : Angel Nephilim
    BattleshipRank7 : Angel Malakim
    BattleshipRank8 : Angel Throne
    BattleshipRank9 : Angel Cherubim
    BattleshipRank10 : Angel Seraphim

    Blood Raiders

    FrigateRank1 : Blood Follower
    FrigateRank2 : Blood Worshipper
    FrigateRank3 : Blood Herald
    FrigateRank4 : Blood Disciple
    FrigateRank5 : Blood Seeker
    FrigateRank6 : Blood Collector
    FrigateRank7 : Blood Raider
    FrigateRank8 : Blood Diviner
    FrigateRank9 : Blood Reaver
    FrigateRank10 : Blood Engraver
    DestroyerRank1 : Blood Visionary
    DestroyerRank2 : Blood Converter
    DestroyerRank3 : Blood Templar
    DestroyerRank4 : Blood Devoter
    DestroyerRank5 : Blood Friar
    DestroyerRank6 : Blood Cleric
    EliteFrigateRank1 : Elder Blood Follower (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank2 : Elder Blood Worshipper (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank3 : Elder Blood Herald (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank4 : Elder Blood Disciple (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank5 : Elder Blood Seeker (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank6 : Elder Blood Collector (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank7 : Elder Blood Raider (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank8 : Elder Blood Diviner (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank9 : Elder Blood Reaver (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank10 : Elder Blood Engraver (Assault)
    CruiserRank1 : Blood Arch Reaver
    CruiserRank2 : Blood Arch Engraver
    CruiserRank3 : Blood Arch Templar
    CruiserRank4 : Blood Revenant
    CruiserRank5 : Blood Sage
    CruiserRank6 : Blood Priest
    CruiserRank7 : Blood Arch Sage
    CruiserRank8 : Blood Arch Priest
    CruiserRank9 : Blood Shadow Sage
    CruiserRank10 : Blood Dark Priest
    BattleCruiserRank1 : Blood Bishop
    BattleCruiserRank2 : Blood Seer
    BattleCruiserRank3 : Blood Shade
    BattleCruiserRank4 : Blood Fanatic
    BattleCruiserRank5 : Blood Phantom
    BattleCruiserRank6 : Blood Exorcist
    EliteCruiserRank1 : Elder Blood Sage (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank2 : Elder Blood Priest (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank3 : Elder Blood Arch Sage (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank4 : Elder Blood Arch Priest (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank5 : Elder Blood Shadow Sage (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank6 : Elder Blood Dark Priest (Assault)
    BattleshipRank1 : Blood Archon
    BattleshipRank2 : Blood Prophet
    BattleshipRank3 : Blood Oracle
    BattleshipRank4 : Blood Apostle
    BattleshipRank5 : Blood Archbishop
    BattleshipRank6 : Blood Harbinger
    BattleshipRank7 : Blood Monsignor
    BattleshipRank8 : Blood Cardinal
    BattleshipRank9 : Blood Patriarch
    BattleshipRank10 : Blood Pope


    FrigateRank1 : Guristas Arrogator
    FrigateRank2 : Guristas Imputor
    FrigateRank3 : Guristas Infiltrator
    FrigateRank4 : Guristas Invader
    FrigateRank5 : Guristas Despoiler
    FrigateRank6 : Guristas Saboteur
    FrigateRank7 : Guristas Plunderer
    FrigateRank8 : Guristas Wrecker
    FrigateRank9 : Guristas Destructor
    FrigateRank10 : Guristas Demolisher
    DestroyerRank1 : Guristas Nihilist
    DestroyerRank2 : Guristas Anarchist
    DestroyerRank3 : Guristas Renegade
    DestroyerRank4 : Guristas Guerilla
    DestroyerRank5 : Guristas Terrorist
    DestroyerRank6 : Guristas Supremacist
    EliteFrigateRank1 : Dire Guristas Arrogator (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank2 : Dire Guristas Imputor (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank3 : Dire Guristas Infiltrator (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank4 : Dire Guristas Invader (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank5 : Dire Guristas Despoiler (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank6 : Dire Guristas Saboteur (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank7 : Dire Guristas Plunderer (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank8 : Dire Guristas Wrecker (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank9 : Dire Guristas Destructor (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank10 : Dire Guristas Demolisher (Assault)
    CruiserRank1 : Guristas Killer
    CruiserRank2 : Guristas Murderer
    CruiserRank3 : Guristas Annihilator
    CruiserRank4 : Guristas Nullifier
    CruiserRank5 : Guristas Silencer
    CruiserRank6 : Guristas Ascriber
    CruiserRank7 : Guristas Mortifier
    CruiserRank8 : Guristas Inferno
    CruiserRank9 : Guristas Eraser
    CruiserRank10 : Guristas Abolisher
    BattleCruiserRank1 : Guristas Executor
    BattleCruiserRank2 : Guristas Enforcer
    BattleCruiserRank3 : Guristas Assaulter
    BattleCruiserRank4 : Guristas Assassin
    BattleCruiserRank5 : Guristas Death Dealer
    BattleCruiserRank6 : Guristas Revolter
    EliteCruiserRank1 : Dire Guristas Silencer (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank2 : Dire Guristas Ascriber (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank3 : Dire Guristas Mortifier (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank4 : Dire Guristas Inferno (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank5 : Dire Guristas Eraser (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank6 : Dire Guristas Abolisher (Assault)
    BattleshipRank1 : Guristas Eradicator [500k]
    BattleshipRank2 : Guristas Obliterator [650k]
    BattleshipRank3 : Guristas Dismantler [800k]
    BattleshipRank4 : Guristas Extinguisher [950k]
    BattleshipRank5 : Guristas Eliminator (Jamm) [1.100k]
    BattleshipRank6 : Guristas Exterminator [1.250k]
    BattleshipRank7 : Guristas Destroyer [1.400k]
    BattleshipRank8 : Guristas Conquistador [1.550k]
    BattleshipRank9 : Guristas Massacrer [1.700k]
    BattleshipRank10 : Guristas Usurper [1.850k]

    Sansha’s Nation

    FrigateRank1 : Sansha's Servant
    FrigateRank2 : Sansha's Minion
    FrigateRank3 : Sansha's Scavenger
    FrigateRank4 : Sansha's Ravener
    FrigateRank5 : Sansha's Savage
    FrigateRank6 : Sansha's Slavehunter
    FrigateRank7 : Sansha's Enslaver
    FrigateRank8 : Sansha's Plague
    FrigateRank9 : Sansha's Manslayer
    FrigateRank10 : Sansha's Butcher
    DestroyerRank1 : Sansha's Misshape
    DestroyerRank2 : Sansha's Cannibal
    DestroyerRank3 : Sansha's Devourer
    DestroyerRank4 : Sansha's Abomination
    DestroyerRank5 : Sansha's Monster
    DestroyerRank6 : Sansha's Horror
    EliteFrigateRank1 : Sansha's Loyal Servant (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank2 : Sansha's Loyal Minion (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank3 : Sansha's Loyal Scavenger (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank4 : Sansha's Loyal Ravener (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank5 : Sansha's Loyal Savage (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank6 : Sansha's Loyal Slavehunter (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank7 : Sansha's Loyal Enslaver (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank8 : Sansha's Loyal Plague (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank9 : Sansha's Loyal Manslayer (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank10 : Sansha's Loyal Butcher (Assault)
    CruiserRank1 : Sansha's Ravisher
    CruiserRank2 : Sansha's Ravager
    CruiserRank3 : Sansha's Beast
    CruiserRank4 : Sansha's Juggernaut
    CruiserRank5 : Sansha's Underlord
    CruiserRank6 : Sansha's Slave Lord
    CruiserRank7 : Sansha's Mutant Lord
    CruiserRank8 : Sansha's Plague Lord
    CruiserRank9 : Sansha's Beast Lord
    CruiserRank10 : Sansha's Savage Lord
    BattleCruiserRank1 : Sansha's Slaughterer
    BattleCruiserRank2 : Sansha's Execrator
    BattleCruiserRank3 : Sansha's Mutilator
    BattleCruiserRank4 : Sansha's Torturer
    BattleCruiserRank5 : Sansha's Fiend
    BattleCruiserRank6 : Sansha's Hellhound
    EliteCruiserRank1 : Sansha's Loyal Underlord (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank2 : Sansha's Loyal Slave Lord (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank3 : Sansha's Loyal Mutant Lord (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank4 : Sansha's Loyal Plague Lord (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank5 : Sansha's Loyal Beast Lord (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank6 : Sansha's Loyal Savage Lord (Assault)
    BattleshipRank1 : Sansha's Phantasm
    BattleshipRank2 : Sansha's Specter
    BattleshipRank3 : Sansha's Wraith
    BattleshipRank4 : Sansha's Nightmare
    BattleshipRank5 : Sansha's Devil
    BattleshipRank6 : Sansha's Daemon
    BattleshipRank7 : Sansha's Behemoth
    BattleshipRank8 : Sansha's Lord
    BattleshipRank9 : Sansha's Overlord
    BattleshipRank10 : Sansha's Tyrant


    FrigateRank1 : Serpentis Initiate
    FrigateRank2 : Serpentis Watchman
    FrigateRank3 : Serpentis Scout
    FrigateRank4 : Serpentis Agent
    FrigateRank5 : Serpentis Lookout
    FrigateRank6 : Serpentis Patroller
    FrigateRank7 : Serpentis Guard
    FrigateRank8 : Serpentis Saféguard
    FrigateRank9 : Serpentis Defender
    FrigateRank10 : Serpentis Protector
    DestroyerRank1 : Serpentis Trooper
    DestroyerRank2 : Serpentis Soldier
    DestroyerRank3 : Serpentis Infantry
    DestroyerRank4 : Serpentis Sentinel
    DestroyerRank5 : Serpentis Cannoneer
    DestroyerRank6 : Serpentis Artillery
    EliteFrigateRank1 : Guardian Initiate (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank2 : Guardian Watchman (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank3 : Guardian Scout (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank4 : Guardian Agent (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank5 : Guardian Lookout (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank6 : Guardian Patroller (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank7 : Guardian Guard (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank8 : Guardian Saféguard (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank9 : Guardian Defender (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank10 : Guardian Protector (Assault)
    CruiserRank1 : Serpentis Chief Watchman
    CruiserRank2 : Serpentis Chief Scout
    CruiserRank3 : Serpentis Chief Lookout
    CruiserRank4 : Serpentis Chief Patroller
    CruiserRank5 : Serpentis Chief Guard
    CruiserRank6 : Serpentis Chief Saféguard
    CruiserRank7 : Serpentis Chief Defender
    CruiserRank8 : Serpentis Chief Protector
    CruiserRank9 : Serpentis Chief Infantry
    CruiserRank10 : Serpentis Chief Sentinel
    BattleCruiserRank1 : Serpentis Wing Leader
    BattleCruiserRank2 : Serpentis Squad Leader
    BattleCruiserRank3 : Serpentis Platoon Leader
    BattleCruiserRank4 : Serpentis Captain
    BattleCruiserRank5 : Serpentis Captain Sentry
    BattleCruiserRank6 : Serpentis High Captain
    EliteCruiserRank1 : Guardian Chief Guard (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank2 : Guardian Chief Saféguard (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank3 : Guardian Chief Defender (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank4 : Guardian Chief Protector (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank5 : Guardian Chief Infantry (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank6 : Guardian Chief Sentinel (Assault)
    BattleshipRank1 : Serpentis Baron
    BattleshipRank2 : Serpentis Commodore
    BattleshipRank3 : Serpentis Port Admiral
    BattleshipRank4 : Serpentis Rear Admiral
    BattleshipRank5 : Serpentis Flotilla Admiral
    BattleshipRank6 : Serpentis Vice Admiral
    BattleshipRank7 : Serpentis Admiral
    BattleshipRank8 : Serpentis High Admiral
    BattleshipRank9 : Serpentis Grand Admiral
    BattleshipRank10 : Serpentis Lord Admiral

    Rogue Drones

    FrigateRank1 : Infester Drone
    FrigateRank2 : Splinter Drone
    FrigateRank3 : Render Drone
    FrigateRank4 : Decimator Drone
    FrigateRank5 : Sunder Drone
    FrigateRank6 : Raider Drone
    FrigateRank7 : Hunter Drone
    FrigateRank8 : Silverfish Drone
    FrigateRank9 : Devilfish Drone
    FrigateRank10 : Barracude Drone
    DestroyerRank1 : Shatter Drone
    DestroyerRank2 : Ripper Drone
    DestroyerRank3 : Shredder Drone
    DestroyerRank4 : Predator Drone
    DestroyerRank5 : Marauder Drone
    DestroyerRank6 : Dismantler Drone
    EliteFrigateRank1 : Strain Infester Drone (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank2 : Strain Splinter Drone (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank3 : Strain Render Drone (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank4 : Strain Decimator Drone (Interceptor)
    EliteFrigateRank5 : Strain Sunder Drone (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank6 : Strain Raider Drone (Electronic/Special)
    EliteFrigateRank7 : Strain Hunter Drone (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank8 : Strain Silverfish Drone (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank9 : Strain Devilfish Drone (Assault)
    EliteFrigateRank10 : Strain Barracude Drone (Assault)
    CruiserRank1 : Wrecker Drone
    CruiserRank2 : Destructor Drone
    CruiserRank3 : Annihilator Drone
    CruiserRank4 : Devastator Drone
    CruiserRank5 : Viral Infector Drone
    CruiserRank6 : Violator Drone
    CruiserRank7 : Disintegrator Drone
    CruiserRank8 : Bomber Drone
    CruiserRank9 : Atomizer Drone
    CruiserRank10 : Nuker Drone
    BattleCruiserRank1 : Enforcer Drone
    BattleCruiserRank2 : Defeater Drone
    BattleCruiserRank3 : Crippler Drone
    BattleCruiserRank4 : Striker Drone
    BattleCruiserRank5 : Siege Drone
    BattleCruiserRank6 : Exterminator Drone
    EliteCruiserRank1 : Strain Viral Infector Drone (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank2 : Strain Violator Drone (Logistic)
    EliteCruiserRank3 : Strain Disintegrator Drone (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank4 : Strain Bomber Drone (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank5 : Strain Atomizer Drone (Assault)
    EliteCruiserRank6 : Strain Nuker Drone (Assault)
    BattleshipRank1 : Drone Controller
    BattleshipRank2 : Swarm Preserver Drone
    BattleshipRank3 : Spearhead Drone
    BattleshipRank4 : Domination Drone
    BattleshipRank5 : Supreme Drone Parasite
    BattleshipRank6 : Drone Ruler
    BattleshipRank7 : Drone Creator
    BattleshipRank8 : Patriarch Drone
    BattleshipRank9 : Matriarch Drone
    BattleshipRank10 : Drone Queen